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Reverse engineering in fragrances and aromatic products

Interested in learning about market trends? Need support to start producing your own fragrances? Is your analysis and R&D department at the end of its rope? Have you rejected a project because you could not meet your customer’s deadlines? Do you need information on the ingredients of a specific perfume to develop your educational project?

We have more than 25 years of experience in characterizing perfumery compositions, advising on their ingredients and generating high-precision counter-types.

Chromatographic analysis (2xGC)

Data acquisition is performed through two lines: one with a polar column and the other with a non-polar column.

These chromatographic data are extracted by means of an algorithm called “deconvolution”, which helps us to obtain the maximum number of compounds in each line. The quantification of each substance is performed by the FID detector and corrected using response factors.

Molecular identification (GC-MS)

Substances are identified in duplicate by mass spectrometry, comparing the fragmentation pattern and retention time of each molecule with several libraries (some commercial and others of our own creation).


Using our extensive libraries and databases, the chromatographers interpret the analysis reports to propose a formula to our perfumer analyst who checks this proposal and builds the natural base of the formula.

A sample of this formulation is manufactured in our laboratory, and evaluated by our technicians to adjust it, if necessary, with the help of the perfumer.

Formula issuance

If the complete service is required, a report is delivered with the commercial name of the identified ingredients, the CAS number of these, their quantity and total estimated cost price.

The final accuracy of our service is really high, however Chromessence always offers a formulation revision free of charge, if the evaluation of the formula at the customer’s facilities is not satisfactory, being able to extend to consulting contracts if an adaptation or search for certain qualities of raw materials is necessary

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