Fragrance and perfume formulation

Our tools and knowledge, at the service of your fragrances.

We work tirelessly to help with science and technology, in the shortest time, to develop your fragrance. The expertise acquired over the years in the F&F industry is what we offer to independent perfumers, R&D departments, educators and professionals who want to specialize in fragrance production.

High R&D costs, long lead times, or projects that are not approached due to lack of resources, are some of the factors that often affect the competitiveness of your product. Chromessence will offer you support at various stages of your product development, from GC/MS analysis of perfumes, fragrances… to the selection of the best raw materials for your production.

We are not manufacturers, but we add value, for example, by commercializing the final formulas so that you only have to worry about manufacturing them and forget about product development.

We have a wide range of raw materials in our formulation laboratory, focusing on the best selection of natural extracts, due to our synergies with the department of characterization and analysis of essential oils and plant extracts.


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Essential oils Synergies
Perfumery bases & reconstituted products

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Essential oils Synergies
Reconstituted products

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