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Technical documentation of cosmetic ingredients (IFRA, REACH/CLP & Allergens)

First time producing an essential oil or aromatic raw material? We help you to commercialize it in Europe. By applying the chemical characterization and/or quality analysis performed on a standard sample of a given production of essential oil, hydrolat or fragrance, and a series of screenings for restricted or prohibited substances by GC-MS, we can issue technical documentation templates that comply with European regulations, such as, for example:

  • Technical Data Sheet and Safety Data Sheet (according to REACH and CLP)
  • IFRA Certificate and Cosmetic Allergen Certificate.

First step: Characterization and quality control

We perform chemotyping and quality analysis, since the elaboration of such documentation is based on the levels of certain substances present in the essential oil or aromatic product. Therefore, at least one chemical analysis of a representative batch of the product has to be performed, in order to establish ranges for the specifications and typical values for the regulated compounds.

Screening of cosmetic allergens and banned substances

A second analysis of verification and quantification of cosmetic allergens and verification of substances banned by IFRA is performed. With all these analyses carried out, we already have enough information to prepare the documentation.
The quantification of allergens is performed by the internal standard method, with quantification limits of 10ppm, as indicated by European regulations.

Issuance of documentation

Apart from the certificate of analysis, the different product certification templates will be issued. These templates are designed to issue certificates for a given product and will be used for all batches produced, provided that their quality is controlled. In the case of non-compliance with the quality specifications, a review of the technical-regulatory documentation must be considered.


Finally, we check if the product is in line with European hazard classification standards (REACH-CLP), cosmetic regulation and IFRA. If this is not the case, the customer is notified, to accompany him in the strategic decisions and the notification to the corresponding bodies.

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