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Fragrance design

Combining our extensive experience in the creation of fragrance formulations, together with the resources of chromatographic analysis and our knowledge in natural extracts and essential oils, we can make your project unique and innovative. In sectors such as natural perfumery, fine perfumery, functional perfumery, etc.

We will apply the latest trends in raw materials and the current requirements in legislation to deliver a final formula adapted to your needs, and with which you will have production exclusivity, either on your own or with some of our collaborators.


Through our forms, or in a quick session with our associated perfumers, the client will tell us their project requirements and the desired application. On many occasions we perform one or several reverse engineering services previously, on “targets” that the client finds in the market, to define the chords and final structure.

Formulation and evaluations:

Once the structure is defined, we will work in several directions in the formulation laboratory, and several samples will be presented for evaluation by the client, who will choose the final formulation report. This report will include the commercial name of the ingredients, their CAS number, quantity, and total estimated cost price according to our databases.

Pilot test - adaptation to production

Many aromatic raw materials present great variability between different producers or origins. That is why, within our design services, we include a consultancy service to “transfer” the initial formulation made in our laboratory to the final formula to be produced in the facilities chosen by our customer.

Reformulations or adaptations

We also work on projects of adaptation to European regulations, or to applications different from those required in the original design.

Other formulation services

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Reverse Engineering

Essential oils Synergies
Perfumery bases & reconstituted products

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