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Quality tests of essential oils and cosmetic ingredients

We have several services to adapt to the outsourcing needs of both manufacturers and distributors.

From just performing the chromatographic analysis, exporting the acquired and interpreted data, to a complete quality control with physicochemical analysis and technical conclusions of our analysts. Our knowledge of the industry and databases developed over the years, make it extremely cost effective to trust our company to perform these controls.

In our customer area, your company can download the data to incorporate them into your system and you can obtain a third-party certificate.

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First phase, standardization

This is the process of creating protocols that guide the creation of a good or service based on the consensus of all relevant parties in the industry. Standards ensure that goods or services produced in a specific industry have consistent quality, and help ensure the safety, interoperability and compatibility of the goods produced.

In the case of essential oils, it is especially complex due to their natural variability. Therefore, Chromessence is closely involved in standardization bodies such as ISO or pharmacopoeia, but also has its own databases based on historical market samples analyzed over the years. Our customers will have access to this data in CHROMDB, where they will be able to compare it with their own data in CHROMLINK.

Analytical route

Our certificates of analysis are fully customizable. They are usually composed of an organoleptic section, a physicochemical parameters section, and the most important one: the chromatographic characterization. In some cases, as in the case of re-control certificates to increase the expiration date, oxidation parameters, such as peroxide or acidity values, will be analyzed.

Vegetable oils are characterized by their fatty acid profile, performing a previous esterification to determine them by GC, according to ISO 12966. We will always compare the results with suitable samples of our history, or those provided by our customers.

Not only analysis, but also consulting

New players that are going to produce or commercialize essential oils, hydrosols, fragrances, etc. must take into account that the quality of these must be reviewed before the production phase, i.e. during product development or at pilot scale, and not afterwards. Obtaining a product that does not meet industry standards will lead to failure. On the other hand, the criteria for establishing quality specifications will often depend on the final application of the product. For this reason, Chromessence offers the possibility of contracting consulting modules on the results.

AI: The future also in chromatographic control

We are aware that essential oils are “live” products, and therefore whenever possible we apply multivariate chemometric analysis and machine learning techniques to help classify batches in a much more robust way than by measuring the content of a few components of the oil or extract.

Other analytical services

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Chemical Characterization (GC-MS/FID)

Essential oils

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Purity Test

Essential oils

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Technical documentation (IFRA, REACH/CLP & Cosmetic Allergens)

Essential oils

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