Analysis of aromatic and cosmetic ingredients

We analyze and certify essential oils and natural extracts for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Our services include chemical characterization, quality control, authentication, research and regulatory consulting. All this to help you commercialize and position your product in the market.

Equipo de laboratorio

Laboratory equipment:

  • Gas chromatographs (GC) with FID and mass spectrometry (MS) detection
  • HS-SPME robotic extraction system and liquid injection
  • Auto-samplers
  • Densitometer and refractometer
  • Polarimeter
  • Spectrophotometer (acid and peroxide values)
  • Glass and stainless steel clevenger distillers
  • ETC


Icono caracterización

Chemical Characterization (GC-MS/FID)

Essential oils

Icono calidad

Quality Test

Essential oils
Vegetable oils
Aromatic Chemicals

Icono pureza

Purity Test

Essential oils

Icono documentación

Technical documentation (IFRA, REACH/CLP & Cosmetic Allergens).

Essential oils

Advice on results

Support or project time pools

The configuration of our reports depends on the type of analysis and/or consultancy chosen, but always providing the chemical family and cosmetic restrictions for each individual component. Click here to explore a report example.

All our services and their codes are listed in the following service list.

Committed to R&D&i

It is a set of digital applications that we put at your service in which we can find ChromDB and ChromAUT.

Classification, chemotyping and authentication of essential oils using an artificial intelligence (AI)-based platform through multivariate analysis of chromatographic data and Machine Learning (ML).

AI and machine learning applied to the Authentication of Essential Oils and Natural Extracts.

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