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This project arose from the needs of several companies to achieve profesional and specialized support to chemical analysis and technical managament in the essential oils and fragrance industry. We offer the expertise and knowledge required for the interpretation of the complex world of natural products and fragrance raw materials.

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Alex Ruiz

Organic chemist and post-graduated in chromatography. He has about 20 years experience and an extensive knowledge in F&F and essential oils industry.

He comes from a family tradition in the world of essential oils, having worked for well-known companies and institutions related to the essential oil and F&F sector, since his father introduced him to the fascinating world of aroma chemistry in 1999.

Alex is a member of the ISO-TC54 subcommittee of essential oils standardization for years, and co-author of several scientific papers.

Founder & Scientific Director

Andrea Villa

He was born in Milan, Italy. He has a degree in Chemistry (University of Turin) and a Master's degree in Agricultural Chemistry from Ireland.

With several years of experience in chemical and pharmaceutical, his team leadership and optimism bring energy and passion to the laboratory's day-to-day operations.

Lab Coordinator

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Chromessence Team 2

Yohanna Alegre

She has a degree in Biology (University of Salamanca), a master's degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology (University of Zaragoza) and a PhD in Analytical Chemistry (University of Zaragoza).

With several years of experience in flavors and GC/MS, she's continously improving our analytical methods and analyzing fragrances.

R+D Analyst

Luciano Colombina

He was born in Mendoza, Argentina. He has a degree in Chemistry (University of Granada), and a Master's degree in Biotechnology.

His analytical mind and perseverance in his work are the best asset for keeping our analyses highly efficient.

GC/MS Analyst

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Nancy Ortega

R+D Analyst