Fragrance Analyses

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The Fragrance Characterization Process

Use of deconvolution algorythm to identify compounds in fragrances by GC/MS

Use of deconvolution algorythm to identify compounds in fragrances by GC/MS

Step 1 - Data Extraction through deconvolution algorythm: The fragrance is injected in GC/MS through a long column (60m.) to achieve an optimal separation of each individual component. After this, the signal is processed under a powerful system based on a complex algorythm to detect a hughe number of compounds (sometimes more than 300).

Step 2 - Identification of Compounds: Substances are double-identified by GC/MS in SCAN mode, comparing the fragmentation pattern and the retention time of every molecule (after being bombarded by an electron beam) with several libraries (some commercials and others self-built).

Step 3 - Quantification of Compounds: The quantification is carried out by GC/FID.

Step 4 - Deformulation: This is one of the most challenging part of the process. When requested, the ingredients of the fragrance (complex naturals, aroma chemicals and  bases) are elucidated from the data obtained in the analysis. Our databases and the deep knowledge of the complex world of natural products and aromatic ingredients, allow us to offer you a proposed formula for the sample sent. The final report obtained contains the comercial names of the substances, their cas numbers and their percentages.

Duplication & Consultancy Services

Fragrance Duplication

Customized solutions: We offer a "Know-How transfer" service, mainly for educational purposes, with different prices depending on the application and the accuracy you need. There are many customized options, even if you need to improve your formulation.

High Accuracy: Our replication process offers a minimum of 99.7% accuracy for the full matching service.

Fragrance and perfume replication