A "Third-party" essential oil laboratory

ChromEssence is a support laboratory for the essential oil and aromatic chemicals industry. We are not producers or re-sellers, and one of our main values is the independence. All of our results and conclusions are free of commercial interests, and all our methods have been validated with the collaboration of other external labs in terms of reproducibility. This will help to our customers to show their commitment with quality and transparency in their products.

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Essential oil reliable results

From Nature

We analyze & research your essential oils and vegetable oils by several techniques, and advise you about the results if required. Specialists in authentication

In Fragrance

Searching for restricted substances? Developing your new perfume? GC/MS and our expertise and databases can help you.


Chromessence is prepared to be the technical nexus for certain projects of a company or a professional network.

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Chemotyping: We provide the fingerprint of your Medicinal Plants.

Nowadays, a 3rd-Party biochemical characterization of natural products is a market differentiation for companies who trade with ecological certificated products. Furthermore, the recent growth of sectors such as scientific aromatherapy and the lack of "botanical transparency" in essential oil market, makes it necessary to closely monitor the traceability and authenticity of plant-based products.

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The Chemistry of the Scent

The "heart" of our analytical services is the chromatography and mass spectrometry unit. Flavor&Fragrance R+D is mainly sustained in these techniques. We have the state-of-the art in equipment and data processing, and the expertise needed to support the companies and independent professionals who are not specialist in this field or want to externalize some tasks.

Your Fragrance GC/MS in 72h.