Essential Oil Authentication

Characterization, fingerprint interpretation, comparison with standards and exhaustive GC/MS analysis to detect adulterations.

GC characterization and Certificate of Analysis

GC Report, physico-chemical measures and/or sensory evaluation for essential oils, aromatic chemicals, fragrances, etc. Issuance of CoA.

Vegetable oils Characterization

Esterification and GC/FID/MS analysis. Fatty acids profile with specifications.

Deformulation Services

Fragrances, flavors and aromatherapy synergies. GC/MS report, GC/FID quantification, naturals interpretation and consultancy about ingredients. Advanced support to the matching process.

Technical & Regulatory Documentation

From product characterization and screening of restricted substances we elaborate the most required certifications in the cosmetic industry (IFRA, Allergens…), TDS and MSDS.

Consultancy & Research Services

Research projects, externalization, scientific papers, customized screening, 'on-site' training, etc.


Physico-Chemical Measures

Density, Refractive index, Optical rotation, Peroxide Value…

Plant Material Characterization

Lab distillation of plant material, and subsequent GC/FID/MS analysis, with yield and data report with the extraction conditions.

Quality Control of oils and fragrances

Usual tests to assure the quality of essential oils, vegetable oils, fragrances and flavours. Comparison with market standards or samples provided by the customer

Hydrosols Characterization

Extraction of volatile matter from hydrosols and water-phase products. Quantification of the oil present in mg/L and GC analysis

Legislated substances for Organic and food applications

We work with specialized partnes to carry out pesticides, heavy metals and microbiological analyses

Residual Solvents Quantification

Benzene, Toluene, Acetone and Methanol. GC/MS by SIM acquisition.